Katherine Adamson lived in Utah all her life (in Salt Lake, Utah and Davis County) except for four years in San Antonio, Texas. She is a mother to four children, and helped raise three stepchildren.

On  December 28, 2015, Katherine married the love of her life, Jay Adamson, who also had four adult children. Together they have six living grandchildren. In January 2022 they moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina, along with her mother, in order to be closer to family and two of the grandkids. Katherine’s mother recently passed away.

Katherine has a Bachelor of General Studies degree with an emphasis in Family Life from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She led as a volunteer Group Leader and then co-leader for a local chapter of Dr. Abraham Low’s Recovery Inc. mental wellness self-help groups. Katherine served a year as Dean of Students at the North Ogden Kimber Academy.  Katherine teaches piano lessons and plays the organ for her church. She previously taught youth classes at church, as well as teaching Cub Scouts. 

Currently Katherine is board certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, and is certified as a Holistic Health Coach and as a TimeLine practitioner, which she uses to help clients achieve greater mental, emotional, and physical health. 

Katherine also studies to become a certified Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor (TNC), and a Certified Pain Resolution Specialist (CPRS), in addition to working towards certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). In October 2018 she taught a year of monthly HealthHabits workshop classes, resuming those again this year online. 

While Katherine’s parents each descended from Mayflower Pilgrims and great families, both of her grandfathers were alcoholics who later recovered. Because of severe trauma as a young child, her father developed multiple personalities, suffering also from delusional paranoia. Her parents separated when she was nine, and later divorced. So while Katherine comes from many noteworthy people among her ancestors, her immediate family had great challenges and dysfunctions. She values those experiences for the strengths they helped her develop. She gained empathy and insights into the trials of others. Katherine wants to help others, as she has done, find the greater joys life has to offer.

With emotional trauma there are often health challenges, and Katherine studied health for years on her own, with varying degrees of success. She is excited to share what has worked for her, and new discoveries she makes along the way.

Katherine enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, dancing, writing, and being with people. She loves to sing while accompanying herself on the piano. She enjoys singing solos or in groups. Katherine enjoys having Jay lead music while she plays hymns on the organ for their church congregation. She likes public speaking. She enjoys laughing and being around people with a great sense of humor, like her husband Jay has.

Katherine participated in four Fire Walks, walking through burning hot coals in her bare feet which remained in perfect condition. She also faced her fears conquering Ropes Courses. She had a marvelous experience skydiving, which video is on her New Joyful Life Facebook page.

Katherine and her (now ex-) husband in 2011 visited her stepson in China.  She studied Mandarin Chinese for this trip. She enjoys learning languages, including Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Hebrew and Latin. Katherine likes traveling and seeing the world. She and her husband Jay visited Israel and Paris in 2019, and she recently began studying Russian, which so many of her Ukrainian neighbors speak.

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