About Katherine Christensen

Katherine Christensen was born and raised in Utah. She has lived there except for four years in San Antonio, Texas. She is a mother to four children, and helped raise three stepchildren.

Katherine has a Bachelor of General Studies degree with an emphasis in Family Life. She led one year as a volunteer Group Leader, and another as co-leader,  for a local chapter of Dr. Abraham Low’s Recovery Inc. self-help groups. Katherine served a year as Dean of Students at the North Ogden Kimber Academy.  Katherine teaches piano lessons and plays the organ regularly at her church. She taught children’s and youth classes at church, as well as Cub Scouts.

While Katherine’s parents descended from Mayflower Pilgrims, both of her grandfathers were alcoholics who later recovered. Because of severe trauma as a young child, her father developed multiple personalities, suffering also from delusional paranoia. Her parents separated when she was nine, and later divorced. So while Katherine comes from many noteworthy people among her ancestors, her immediate family had great challenges and dysfunctions. She values those experiences for insights into trials others have, to help them find the greater joys life has to offer.

Katherine enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, dancing, writing, and being with people. She loves to sing while accompanying herself on the piano. She enjoys singing solos or in groups. She likes public speaking. She enjoys laughing and people with a good sense of humor.

Katherine participated in a couple of Fire Walks, walking through burning hot coals in her bare feet, which remained in perfect condition. She also completed a few Ropes Courses, facing her fears. She had a marvelous experience skydiving.

Katherine and her (now ex-) husband in 2011 visited her stepson in China.  She studied Mandarin Chinese for this trip. She enjoys learning languages, including Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Latin. Katherine would like to travel and see more of the world.


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