Healing Modalities – Online

NLP, Holistic Health Coaching and Inner Voice

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) allows you to rewire your brain for success! You can release emotional baggage from the past without reliving traumatic memories. Set goals, and move your mindset to be in alignment with your highest self. Meditative-state Hypnosis can help you implement desired thought patterns.

NLP can also assist you in becoming better at sales, motivation, and persuasion for your business, in teaching, or to improve your relationships.

In summary, “NLP can help you gain control of your life, learn to motivate yourself, remove limiting or negative beliefs, release past emotions, visualize your future and make it happen.”

Holistic Health Coaching

HHC guides you to more healthy emotional, mental, and physical foundations. As you hydrate, get proper sleep and nourishment, move your body, and implement other health habits, your hormones and emotions begin to balance. This is the perfect complement for NLP to sustain new brain patterns, supporting them and helping you to maintain the desired changes.

Inner Voice and AO Scan

Resolve emotions with AO Scan Inner Voice technology. A simple 10-second voice recording identifies not only which notes are most dominant or most suppressed in the 12-note chromatic scale, but also the underlying physiology beneath those emotions, which fluctuate throughout each day. Results are emailed with balancing music to play that includes special harmonizing undertones to address the physiology.

Custom playlists with balancing frequencies for specific concerns can also be broadcast to support changes.

Let Katherine, Board Certified in NLP and a Holistic Health Coach help you set and reach your goals!