Energy Work Rocks!!!

I Love Energy Work!

Recently I hired an energy coach. Just this week she helped me to release issues that still triggered upset feelings from when I was fifteen: the year I crashed on my bike, was humiliated in front of my friends that I lived with when my family moved, and met my future husband who wore a mask and wasn’t who he pretended to be. In earlier sessions, I released negative emotions and false beliefs from myself with experiences and feelings at ages eight, five, three, and even at conception. Last night as I explained to a friend how much I valued this, they were unfamiliar with energy workers and what they do. Today I’m writing not only to them, but to you so that you too can better understand why ENERGY WORK ROCKS!!!

Why Do We Need Energy Work?

As tiny children and throughout our early lives especially, all of us make judgments about ourselves, those around us, the world, and God as we try to make sense of our experiences. Our three-year-old child inside us still runs a lot of our programs, based on those judgments. Unless we examine those programs and identify false beliefs we adopted as little children, we subconsciously continue to use them as facts which govern our lives. These are not only ideas, but we also carry and store corresponding emotions in various parts of our bodies: trapped emotions never resolved. We were too young, or there were too many things going on during trauma or difficult periods of our lives, to see clearly or to resolve the emotions or judgments. Those can be seeds of dis-ease for wherever the negative emotions get stored in the body.

What Is an Energy Worker? Why Do I Need One?

An “energy worker” is simply someone who helps us identify those areas and beliefs and resolve them, bringing to light the false belief and helping us decide to release (forgive, repent of) the negative energy we’ve carried. Hence, “energy” worker. You can identify your own areas, but that is like being your own doctor when you are wounded. It is helpful to have a third party, skilled observer guiding the process of identifying and releasing the false belief. It is an accountability, examining what we’ve always assumed to be true with an unbiased person who can more clearly see the falseness of the belief, because they do not have the emotional baggage associated with it.

What Does an Energy Worker Do?

An energy worker help us recognize the falseness of a belief (we all carry some false core beliefs, such as: I am unlovable. I am unworthy. I am not good enough. I am not smart enough.). An energy worker notices things that “trigger” us, or which cause us to become emotional, such as sad, weepy, angry, etc. when thinking of the past, and then aids us in deciding to release the false judgment and negative emotion.

Is Energy Work Valid?

I am not trained as an energy worker, but in my opinion what the good ones do is every bit as scientific and valid as a licensed therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. In my experience, energy work has been much more effective. Because energy workers are not licensed or regulated, one needs to be careful in selecting someone with the Spirit of truth, light and discernment, as well as skilled at getting to the root of emotional and health energy blockages. There are many different training schools and modalities. I was only on the receiving end, benefiting from the experience and training of others. I know this worked much better and faster for me than traditional therapy, which I also tried. Cognitive recognition helped but didn’t release the attached emotions. A lot of traditional therapy seemed to be about discussing why I was messed up and what happened to mess me up without really solving anything or giving me hope I could ever be any better. It was more like a blaming session (it’s my parents’ fault!) than about understanding myself and seeing others and the situations with love and compassion, as I do during energy sessions.

How to Find an Energy Worker

It is easy to Google just about anything you want, but I personally like a referral from people I know when seeking a health practitioner, whether traditional or alternative. If no one you know uses energy workers, some places to start are Reiki, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code, and programs such as The Awakening, which I took with my mother to clear generational issues. Best wishes to you on your own path to healing and wholeness!

Energy Work Works!

When I was fifteen and crashed on my bike, I made subconscious judgments, blaming my friends whom I was racing to catch up to for abandoning me, leaving me behind. I felt humiliated when my friends silently witnessed a boy who previously liked me telling me in front of them that he was no longer interested in me in any romantic way. I was deceived by my first husband right from the time I met him, and later judged myself as stupid for not noticing his personality changes and seeing through his disguise.

This week I realized for the first time, with help from my experienced energy worker, that these issues still bothered me and were blocking my self-acceptance and ability to move forward with confidence. With her help, I let go of anger and judgments not only against myself and the people involved, but against God. I subconsciously blamed Him and didn’t trust Him to help me since He allowed these things to happen! I didn’t even realize until working with my energy coach how I blamed God for so many things! I let go of those feelings and judgments against Him, myself, and others.

Energy work is a healing process, with layers. It’s interesting to me that I’ve had issues come up from conception (I felt abandoned by my sister for not coming to earth with me as my twin–she decided to let me go first, following me sixteen months later; no wonder I was always jealous of twins!), as well as a young girl. This week was all about being fifteen, of which I hadn’t given much conscious thought. Another layer of judgments and negative emotions resolved! Whoo hoo!

After my sessions, during which I usually cry off all my makeup, I feel lighter, with more energy and peace! I feel healthier, as I’ve just released negative emotions from my BODY, as well as judgments from my MIND! I have renewed HOPE! My body is strengthened by dumping toxic emotions! I can change! I am NOT trapped by my past! I have a NEW, JOYFUL LIFE!

Thank you for letting me tell you why ENERGY WORK ROCKS!!!

8 thoughts on “Energy Work Rocks!!!

  1. Katherine this is so true I also have used traditional therapist and have had little success I didn’t find the healing that I needed until I started working with several energy workers I am doing so much better now. Thank you for sharing this.


  2. Beautifully said.A quote from Dietrich Klinghardt MD ” You do not exist through biochemistry alone. What we deal with in health and illness is physics. Your energy body helps regulate your physical body.” I would also add we are a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body. Energy healing communicates to all bodies.


    • Christi, thank you for adding that note about physics. I think more and more people are coming to understand this, but it is still a new concept to so many. This quote helps validate the science of energy work in healing. I appreciate knowing you and have been impressed by you since we were girls in high school! Thank you for being one of my role models.


  3. I enjoyed reading about your experience Katherine, so very true. A good energy worker, in tune with God, can truly be insightful, helping us recognize deeply hidden beliefs that we store away. These ideas, created by life’s experiences, shape and mould our whole self image, and the way we react to later life experiences. The time I was able to spend learning about energy work, and the principles associated, truly helped me work through some very rough times in my life. I love the analogy of our belief system resembling an onion, with layer upon layer building who we believe we are. Our self image affects how we respond to everything. Getting the truths separated from the incorrect perceived layers of my experience, helped me see who I really am. Our self image is so critical of who we think we think we are, that we let it shape our life in negative ways. The energy work done by talented individuals can be invaluable in helping us live joyfull lives. I really want to thank you for the help you were to me while I was learning in classes at Rise. Hope all is well for you. Take care, Alan


    • Alan, thank you! It was wonderful learning new skills and techniques with you in the courses we took together. Seeing you gain confidence and connect with your true inner worth was a beautiful thing. I appreciate your comments.


  4. The energy work that I have been able to do on myself, loved ones and friends through The Emotion and Body Code, has changed both my life and theirs in incredible ways. Every life situation is connected to emotions that can slow us down or stop our progress. This baggage can keep us from experiencing happy relationships and having good health emotionally, spiritually and physically. It is a blessing to have this understanding and knowledge as part of my every day life. The most rewarding opportunities have come while helping others experience peace, love, freedom and a heart that can love and feel love, not to mention the ability to truly release the emotions of the past.. Susan Peacock (Certified Practitioner)


    • Thank you for your comments, Susan! I appreciate your insights and skills. You have a true gift in sharing your love and concern for others through your work. I know what a spiritually-connected woman you are, and have long admired your integrity and values.


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